Two Truths (This and Ours)

The first part of this post is my poem, Two Truths (This and Ours), and the latter part is a brief explanation of my intents. ________________________________________________________ This Truth: Not not-one. Our Truth: The ancestrality of you and I,  is a revelation of the eternity that is our living together. Forever dancing as we go, there's [...]

Instantaneity: Moving Together

Everything moves together instantaneously. Nothing rests in passivity, only to become active upon the arrival of a necessary and sufficient external agency. To think that real activity is the expression of reactivity, which operates under a duality of cause and effect, is to privilege the way that visual perception breaks up the world into sequences [...]

Divine Persistence: Notes for a Post-Atheistic Conception of God

God does not exist. Nor has God ever existed, and nor will God ever fully come into existence. God is neither the efficient nor the final cause independent of the actual world. God can never be found and never will be found. God does not exist, but it can be said that God persists in action to [...]

Triggers and Links

a great adaptation of a central notion in Buddhist thought for the modern situation

Dharma Nerds

Dukkha as ‘triggering’, and the Twelve Nidhanas as a Social process involving multiple individuals, not multiple lifetimes.

I now translate dukkha (Pali, ‘suffering’) as ‘trigger’, as the traumatic conditioning of the nervous system that triggers distress. That our bodies and senses, as they encounter certain stimuli, trigger stress, trauma, physical and emotional suffering. Thus, to get ‘relief from suffering’ is to get to the point where such stimuli no longer triggers distress or suffering. Then one’s body, senses and mind are able to receive stimuli without being triggered. This is achieved through meditation and investigation into the causes of suffering.

This is not a linguistic translation, but a cultural translation; a translation to a culturally equivalent and culturally relevant term that a modern western person can understand.

All of this can be dovetailed neatly into dozens of passages from the early suttas that discuss the 12 Nidhanas and the five…

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There is no essential difference between Ultimate Reality and Conventional Existence; between Noumenal Emptiness and Phenomenal Appearance; between Being and Becoming; between Universal and Particular; between Feminine and Masculine.   While they can be logically independent, in actuality they are interdependent, with their cooperative interplay creating this fantastical flux that we call life.   It [...]

Power, Game, Love and Life

“If I can’t dance, it’s not my revolution” —Emma Goldman       Power is always a relationship, and it is a force of change—the capacity to actualize potential. A relationship implies a difference, and this difference implies at minimum two parties with different set of elements.       There is the One and [...]